Qty of RODS in 12" length
  Example:  B-36-24-12

B =  Balance Weave mesh style
36 = 36 spiral openings in 12"
24 = 24 rods in 12"
12 = 12 gauge rod, 12 gauge spiral
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Example:   U-42-32-12/14

U  =  Universal Weave mesh style
42  = 42 spiral openings in 12"
32  = 32 rods in 12"
12 gauge rod/14 gauge Spiral
Wire Gauge of Rod
Wire Gauge of Spiral
Follow these guidelines to identify your mesh designation:

A.   Letter(s) indicating the Mesh Style you have  ie B,PB,RR,U,DB,IB
B.   Indicates the amount of spirals  (or loops) in 12" across width.
C.   Indicates the amount of rods  in 12" length of the belt.
D.   Indicates the wire ga of the rods / followed by the wire ga of the spiral.
    (if wire gauge is the same for the spiral and cross rod drop the second one).                
   Qty of SPIRALS across 12" width
___ -   ____ -  ___  -  __________
Style  -  qty of spirals    qty of rods      rod gauge, spiral gauge
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B: Balance 
PB: Precision Balance 
U:  Universal
DB:Double Balance
RR: Rod Reinforced
: Rod Single Weave
How to measure:   Balance, Precision Balance, Improved Balance, Double Balance,  Universal, and  Rod Reinforced  Conveyor Belts

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How to Identify your Wire Mesh Specification
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IB:  Improved Balance 
same as Balance except straight rod not crimped rod.