AUDUBON   Drip Screens for your Ash Hopper  
Audubon Flexible Mesh Hopper Drip Screens 

Drip Screen Options Include:

A Special Spiral Loop at the top of each screen to accept a Flat Stainles Steel Bar for hanging.   This bar will readily fit your existing mount frame for simplified hanging and less maintenance hassles.

Stainless Steels Bars are also availabe, cut to size for the drip screen.  They are also available with pre-punched holes that will allow you to easily hang or replace ones already in place on your boiler..

Mesh style shown above is the most common, but we have capability to open up or tighten the mesh per your requirements.

Single Ply Screens or Double Ply Screen Options...just let us know which you prefer.

Wire Mesh is also available as one continuous roll or panels without the bar.  Your maintenance team can customize in the plant as they need it or do repairs as required.

Screen Sizes:  Availalbe in any width and hanging length you require.  Or just let us know your wall sizes and depth and we will quote enough screens to fit accordingly.

Material Options
304 Stainless Steel,  309 Stainless Steel, 310 Stainless Steel,  316 Stainless Steel, 316L, 314 Stainless Steel, 330 Stainless Steel, Inconel 601, Inconel 625 (other grades of alloy also available)
Plan now for your next replacement.   We will  deliver your order to your plant, on the date your require to cooridiante with your outage schedule.

If Lead Time is a concern, ask about our Expedited Services.

For the Highest quality product on the market and affordable pricing to fit your department budget,  contact Audubon 'the largest manufacturer and supplier of Ash Hopper Flexible Drip Screens woldwide'. All manufacturing is done in house including the wire mesh which allows us to pass our cost savings on to you.  We are confident you will find our pricing will be more competitive than anywhere else.   Audubon has been manufacturing since the year 1884, our products are of the highest quality and workmanship in the marketplace.

                                                           ...Supplying Coal FiredGenerating Power Stations worldwide
Close up of wire mesh 
Audubon has been been manufacturing flexible Drip Screens for over 75 years to coal fired power plants.  Our metal mesh drip screens are in coal fired power plants and coal fired, coal burning power plants and generating stations worldwide    They filter ash in both the expansion joint areas and at the boiler seal trough and provide water seal trough protection.   Audubon Drip Screens prevent fly ash build up, thermal fatigue, and warping.

Just call us with your Ash Hopper Pit or Trough size and we'll do the rest. We'll provide you with a quotation with properly sized screens, allowing for complete coverage. They will be shipped ready for your maintenance crew to install, no adjustments necessary.

Audubon Flexible Ash Hopper Drip Screens offer protection to Bottom Ash Hopper Water Seal Troughs. They are corrosion resistant and can withstand harsh ash Hopper conditions. Our screens are sturdy and durable and can withstand impact,while offering protection to the seal trough and skirt.  

Our Audubon Drip Screens are also known in the industry as:   

         304  Stainless Sreel  
         316 and 316L Stainless Steel  
         309  Stainless Steel  
         314 Stainless Steel  
         310  Stainless Steel  
         430  Stainless Steel  
         Inconel 600 mesh screens
         Inconel 601 mesh screens
         Inconel 625 mesh screens
         (Other materials available upon request)

All manufacturing is done in house at our manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania.
Bar is available in various sizes and also with 
 pre drilled holes for custom mounting
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