Woven wire mesh metal curtain strips and panels
 Reduce heat loss from furnace and oven openings
Audubon's metal wire mesh furnace curtains are designed to serve as energy saving curtain walls in high temperature, continuous furnace operations. They are extremely efficient for retaining the furnaces heat.  Our curtains are capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 2000 F.  We manufacture our woven wire  furnace curtains in steel, all grades of stainless steel including 314 stainless steel, 330 stainless steel and 3519 cb. 

Benefits in using Audubon Metal Furnace Curtains include: 

-  Ecomomical, efficient  replacements.  

-  Individual curtains can be purchased  and  replaced easily with low maintenance 
   time rather than replacing an entire door.

- Cost efficient energy savings.

- Flexibility allowing your product to enter and exit the heat chamber with ease.

- Immediate closure of furnace opening after product passes through door.

- Reduction in glare and temperature in the work area.

- Maintains a more constant furnace temperature.

- Maintenance free; no mechanical or electrical devices to monitor.

- Manufactured to fit any size opening.

- Metal curtain strips can be manufactured in any width or length you require .  
  Audubon Curtains are available as small strips or larger  curtain panels.

- Available  with different Hanging Options:
   1.  Available with a loop to fit  a 1" dia rod for simplified hanging (see picture above)
   2.  Available with holes & washers, in locations you specify, for easy hanging
   3.  Available as plain wire mesh panels.

Furnace Curtain Operation:  As your material moves through the curtains, the panels in the immediate path are pushed forward and upward, and the remaining panels continue to hang in a vertical position.  After your product passes completely under the curtain, the curtains in contact with the product fall back to their original hanging position, closing off the opening.

Furnace Curtain Installation:  Each panel is equipped with a simple hanging device, designed for bolting the curtain into position.  Hanging options include hangars or loops at the top of the curtain for easy hanging. By not overlapping the panels, friction and wear of the curtains is eliminated and allows the curtains to hang in a vertical straight positioning.   

Furnace Curtain Material:  Furnace Curtains can be manufactured in 330 Series Stainless Steel or higher or lower grade alloys if requee

Furnace Curtain Construction:  The tight mesh construction minimizes air flow and provides a highly reflective surface. The panels are available in various lengths and widths to fit your specific opening size.

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Curtain shown above is the Loop Option to accept 1" rod