Flatwire  Conveyor Belts
a.Measure the Overall Belt Width.
b.Count the number of openings across the full width of the belt (above diagram has 5 openings)
c.Measure the rod diameter [options are .120”(std)  or .192” (hvy)].
d.Measure strip thickness [options are .046”(std) or .062” thick (hvy)].
e.Determine the mesh opening size by measuring the width of the 2nd opening.
         Be sure to measure the center of the opening and it must be the 2nd opening.
f. Determine the Height of the belt (by placing on a flat table).
         Options are .375” high (std) .500” high (hvy).
g.Determine the belt edge.  (Above diagram  is a welded).   A clinched edge would have the rod
         coming out of the belt side and  bent/knuckled over..
h.The Longitudinal Pitch is the center to center of rod diameter. 
         This should be 1.084 inches  (except on ½ x ½ belts it will be .542 inches).
     Note: a  1/2 x 1 Modified belt as an additional rod going across width in the center of the opening.

STD DUTY:   .046”thk X .375”high .120” DIA RODS  (AVAIL IN ½ X 1,  1 X 1, ½ X ½,1 /2 x 1 Modified )
HVY DUTY:  .062”thk X .500”high .192” DIA RODS  (AVAIL IN ½ X 1,   1 X 1, ½ X 1 Modified)

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