Audubon's wire mesh conveyor belts for the baking industry
Audubon has been manufacturing Baking Bands tor Bakeries worldwide for over a century.    It is the most common oven band conveyor belt used in the industry for the production of crackers, biscuits and cookies and all baking operations.  Known as Cordweave style and Compound Balance Weave Style conveyor belts.

Pictured to the right is the CB5-27-84-14/16F oven band, which is the most common.  Audubon's Baking Bands are assembled with a 'crimped' cross rod instead of a straight rod, which enables the conveyor belt to have excellent tracking ability, and run straight, even under extreme conditions.

Our Baking Bands provide efficient gas release and the weave itself create an appealing, popular surface for your Biscuits, Cookies and Crackers.  

The oven bands can be manufactured in any width to fit your oven.
You can order and entire band, or smaller lengths that will splice into your existing band, which is excellent for belt repairs, less downtime  and longer conveyor belt life.
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Conveyor Belts for Cracker, Biscuit, Cookie Baking Ovens